The Tavern Bar

The Club Hotel have renamed the public bar “The Tavern” and given it a completely new look. They decided to create a bar that has a classy feel and provides comfortable seating and a great place to meet with your friends both before or after heading to “Prime Grill 51” for a lovely meal. It is designed to be appealing to all age groups and a warm environment to enjoy your night out.

One of the main features of this bar is a new music platform called “Crowd DJ”. This allows all customers in the bar to select the music that they want via an app on their phones. The music and video clips are played across 5 large TVs and the jukebox is free use for everyone. This is a very popular music platform across many venues in Melbourne and it’s great to bring it to our Tavern here in Warragul.

In the near future both “Prime Grill 51” and “The Tavern” will be introducing various promotions to ensure the venue is always a great place to visit and enjoy.


Come and visit us - you will love it too!